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Intercooler T6

At last the search is over, because here you will find what you are looking for: Intercooler T6 in great variety! It is very easy. Sit down comfortably after work and choose your personal favourite here at your leisure. The tiring search is no longer necessary, because here you will find everything - clearly arranged - offered. All you have to do is decide which item should become yours. This makes ordering fun!

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Intercooler T6 by WAGNER TUNING - Good things for your car

Technical equipment at the highest level, reliable and sovereign in all situations - your VW T6 never lets you down. Reason enough to think briefly about whether you could do something good for your T6 with an intercooler tuning, because this improves the engine performance and also reduces the emission of pollutants. How does that work? Let me explain in a few sentences: In the past, the principle was that if you wanted more power for your vehicle, you needed more displacement. The logical consequence of this was increasingly more powerful vehicles, but with high fuel consumption. The temporary solution to this problem was initially the turbocharger, which compressed the intake air. This, however, led to an increase in charge air temperature, but hot air is not optimal for combustion in the engine. The task now was to cool the air down again so that the combustion could run efficiently - and this is exactly where the T6 intercooler from WAGNER TUNING comes into play.

T6 intercooler from the experts

You have decided to retrofit an intercooler for your T6? Then you should leave nothing to chance. With WAGNER TUNING you have chosen a reliable partner who not only has extensive expertise in intercoolers for T6 and other vehicle models, but also develops and manufactures them himself. And this for more than 20 years! Since the 1990s we have been working in the development, design and production of high-quality engine parts and high-performance intercoolers. In spite of all our modesty, we can probably say that we are one of the leading companies worldwide in this field. Of course, the quality and durability of our intercoolers are very important to us, which is why our intercoolers also undergo strict quality controls before they leave our company. A large circle of satisfied customers all over the world proves us and our strategy right.

Competent advice? Of course!

Of course, it can happen that you are unsure which intercooler T6 you should choose for your vehicle or whether the variant you prefer fits your VW perfectly. After all, the offer is really extensive and the decisive technical detail is sometimes hard to identify. You can rely on WAGNER TUNING! On the one hand, we offer you informative product information in our article presentations, where you can already find many clues. On the other hand our help page FAQ offers numerous answers to the questions we are asked most often. If you have further questions about the intercooler T6, you can contact us via our contact form. We will support you in choosing the right intercooler for your T6.

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