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The WAGNER TUNING team has been developing intercoolers and engine parts for more than 20 years. Of course, our team has a wealth of experience in dealing with defects or performance losses in intercoolers. While it is sometimes possible to clean intercoolers, there are other situations where replacement is advisable. We have summarized the most important facts for you here.

Clean the intercooler Detect defects quickly

The intercooler of your vehicle is, so to speak, in continuous operation when it is in use. From time to time, it is therefore possible that dirt can settle in the intercooler. These can be particles of dirt such as mud or dust, but also oil or oily gases. But other defects such as damaged hose connections are also conceivable. How can you tell that the intercooler is possibly defective? Often the first thing you notice is a drop in engine performance, but increased fuel consumption or increased pollutant emissions can also be signs. With water-cooled intercoolers, coolant could also leak out. Therefore, the intercooler must be cleaned at intervals to prevent the intercooler from literally running out of air. In the worst case, the engine could otherwise be damaged.

Rather clean the intercooler with a professional

The intercooler must be removed so that it can be cleaned. Once this has been done, it is time to investigate the cause: is the intercooler just dirty or is there actually a defect? It is recommended to have the cleaning done by a specialist. They can also tell you whether the intercooler can be cleaned or whether you should think about replacing it. One reason to install a new intercooler would be, for example, if the intercooler failure is caused by mechanical turbo damage. In any case, at WAGNER TUNING you will find a large selection of powerful intercoolers for almost all makes and models, and in excellent quality. Intercooler kits can also be ordered from us. The detailed product information in our online shop will help you choose the right intercooler. Let us convince you!


If you need a new intercooler or engine parts, WAGNER TUNING is the right address for you: With us you will find the optimal intercooler for your vehicle model. But our online shop can do much more. You are also interested in the right outfit? Then take a look at our collection!

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