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Intercooler Porsche

At this point we present Intercooler Porsche and are pleased to be able to offer you a convincing selection of high-quality products, clearly arranged. For you it is doubly worthwhile, because you will find Intercooler Porsche easily without having to search for a long time. Just take your time to look around and click on the articles and products that interest you.

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Intercooler Porsche by WAGNER TUNING - Rethinking combustion processes

Fascination for high-performance sports cars and racing as well as distinctive design - that's Porsche. You wonder whether the factory-installed intercooler in your Porsche can be improved even further? We at WAGNER TUNING say: You can! Let's take a look at how an intercooler works: The compression process heats up the combustion air. Cooling it down again before it reaches the combustion chamber - and cooling it down so much that a significantly increased oxygen content results for the same volume - is the task of the intercooler for Porsche. Why is this sensible? Cold air has a higher oxygen density than hot air, and the more oxygen is available for combustion, the more efficiently it can take place. So an intercooler for Porsche that optimises combustion processes can ensure that engine performance is increased even further.

Efficient downsizing with intercoolers Porsche

The aim of downsizing is to reduce the displacement of the combustion engine while retaining its performance potential - in other words, a downsized engine should deliver roughly the same power as its larger counterpart. So if a smaller engine with less displacement is now installed, the Porsche intercooler can help to increase the performance of the smaller engine by improving combustion efficiency. A positive side-effect is that the Porsche intercooler thus reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, which in turn means that prescribed exhaust gas values are met. Retrofitting the intercooler from WAGNER TUNING is therefore a worthwhile matter for your Porsche.

Order online from the market leader

We at WAGNER TUNING have been working successfully for more than 20 years in the development, design and production of intercoolers for Porsche and other manufacturers. Through quality work and know-how we have developed into a worldwide operating specialist for intercoolers and engine parts. Quality and longevity are the highest principle for our intercoolers Porsche. And our success proves us right: we now work successfully with more than 3000 dealers around the globe. To enable us to fulfil order requests for intercoolers for Porsche quickly, we have numerous intercooler kits in stock in our warehouse, which you can simply order online. Of course we are also happy to welcome you to our collection of Wagner Clothing, which can also be ordered via our online shop. We are looking forward to your order!

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