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Intercooler Focus

At this point we present Intercooler Focus and are pleased to be able to offer you a convincing selection of high-quality products, clearly arranged. For you it is doubly worthwhile, because you will find Intercooler Focus easily without having to search for a long time. Just take your time to look around and click on the articles and products that interest you.

Intercooler Focus from WAGNER TUNING - the quality is convincing

Your Ford Focus is always by your side as a faithful companion, and now you're thinking about retrofitting an intercooler? Would you like to find out more about the way we work, the quality and design of our Focus intercoolers? Then WAGNER TUNING is the right place for you! We develop and produce high-performance, durable intercoolers for the Ford Focus and other vehicle models, whether for racing or for use on the road. But all our intercoolers have one thing in common: we take the same approach to quality and durability. After all, we want you to be able to rely on your Focus intercooler for a long time. Quality is more than just a word for us. And that is why many of our customers have been working with us for years. As customer satisfaction is very important to us in addition to our quality work, we are very pleased to have a large circle of satisfied tuners.

Various intercoolers Focus in stock and quickly delivered

Our production team does a great job: this enables us to keep a large number of intercoolers for Ford vehicles permanently in stock in our warehouse and to deliver them very promptly after ordering. Of course, this also applies to intercoolers Focus. And speaking of shipping: Our warehouse staff are also working flat out to get your intercooler on its way to you as quickly as possible. And so it is no exaggeration to say that Ford intercoolers ordered are made ready for dispatch and sent at lightning speed. Of course, it can happen that the intercooler you want for your Focus is not already available as an intercooler kit. In this case you have the possibility to order a custom-made intercooler for your Focus from us. This is quick and easy with our intercooler configurator.

Things to know about intercooler tuning

You may already have informed yourself well about the advantages of installing an intercooler for your Ford. Or perhaps you have only recently started to deal with this topic. If this is the case, we would like to show here in a few sentences how advantageous a Focus intercooler from WAGNER TUNING is. All in all, intercoolers are all about temperatures and how to reduce them. The intake air is pre-compressed in the turbocharger. This has the not entirely favourable side effect that the temperature of the intake air is greatly increased during compression, which in turn means that comparatively hot air is fed into the combustion process. However, cold air would be much better for this. Why? Quite simply: hot air has a lower oxygen density than cold air for the same volume, and the oxygen is needed for combustion. So the colder the air, the more oxygen is there for combustion. And this is exactly where the intercooler comes in with your Focus and efficiently cools the air before it enters the combustion chamber.

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